Thursday, March 24, 2011


Due to match reporters own tight schedules and the sensitivity of readers / players (RMM=Grumpy Old Men), match reports will be suspended until further notice.

Those who wish to find out the progress of the team can do so on RMMs facebook page where all latest results will be posted with minimum fuss.

Anyone who would like to do their part and contribute as guest writers or take the position up permanently is welcomed. This will also give a different view of how the matches were played out. Alternatively, a pool of writers taking turns is also welcomed.

Finally, do note that the reports were started as a tongue-in-cheek view of the games played to negate the highly emotional feelings of the games themselves.


Anonymous said...

To some grumpy old man (cut n past from the last report)

Batigol said...
I do beg to differ.

Mr. Hit-n-Miss, up until this game you have only scored 6 goals while I am on 7, so u r definitely not the top scorer.

Well, if u add in the Jinjang game. U r still on par at 7 goals with me. So, please calculate properly.

Lastly, if you add in assists and other contributions such as playing in various other positions (e.g. left/right wing, left right back, midfield and center back), u need a lot of catching up. :)

March 25, 2011 5:10 PM

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the reports Shark!

Really appreciate it that I can get updated on RMM's progress while in Perth!

Cheers mate!

Coach Worden

meng said...

now which bitch caused this breakdown ??!! The blog and reports are all voluntary work ! and made based on their please appreciate our reporters. End of the day, such reports/blogs are meant to add some fun, and build our team spirit.

Batigol said...

Obviously u can guess which bitch Meng.

Anyway, thanks Shark. Although his reports are full of sarcasm, I kinda grow into looking forward to his reports every weekend.

Whatever it is, I always believe teamwork will get us through and achieve the results we wanted.

rudy said...

So called batigol...first of all,WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? My comments has got nothing to do with you and to me its how dissapointed i am with some people who does not know how to respect other teammates, I have played longer than you are in the team so please,i mean please do not talk rubbish to me.And lastly batigol,if you remember...when you left your teammates rite after the game in Bangi without saying anything eventhough guvnor called you for so many times,who called you the next day asking if you are ok??? AND for the record, i have never been banned from coming to play for the team since i started joining tell me,who respect other teammates better? And dont talk about contribution,everyone in the team gave their best when they are on the field so since Meng said that the blog is mend for fun,Meng, is no more fun if everytime you read it,you always kena kutuk in the blog,eventhough u scored a hattrick...

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